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Helping you pass part 2 & 3

PDI Rescue Training Overview

If you are a PDI (potential driving instructor) and you are struggling to pass either the part 2 test or part 3 test then Xcel Driver Training can help. We have taken on many students struggling to pass the tests and through our bespoke, guided, one-to-one sessions we regulalry help students pass these tests.

How we can help

Xcel Driver Training are specialists in helping PDIs who are struggling with the part 2 & 3 tests achieve a pass. We have helped many PDI’s on their third and final attempt at the part 3 test. Why? Because it is the hardest part of the qualifying process to become a qualified driving instructor. We are ORDIT registered and have over 3 decades of experience in the industry. We will do an initial consultation with you on the phone and book you in for an assessment lesson to see where your strengths and weaknesses are with part 3. More information on each part of the ADI qualifying process is covered on our Driving Instructor Training page.

ORDIT Registered

Our principle trainer Rachel is an ORDIT registered driving instructor trainer, who has undergone an assessment by a senior examiner within the Driving Standards Agency, to ensure that she is capable of providing a good standard of driving instructor training. Rachel is ORDIT registered to provide part 1, part 2 and part 3 training, and standards check training. We also provide “rescue” part 2 & 3 training.

ORDIT trainers are checked on a regular basis to ensure that their training is still at a very high standard.

Be sure to check that your ORDIT trainer is qualified to provide all three parts of the training – the registration process means that a trainer who is not qualified to give part 3 training will not have proved their capability and may not be at the required standard.

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Questions & Answers

An ORDIT trainer is a still driving instructor but, to be on the ORDIT register the instructor has been inspected by the DVSA’s supervising examiner. The inspection needs to reach a very high standard. The instructor needs to show the examiner that they have detailed knowledge of how to train someone how to be a driving instructor and how they keep training records of who they are training. The examiner will observe the trainer delivering an ADI part 2 or part 3 lesson to a real trainee driving instructor. These inspections happen every 4 years (every 2 years before 2019). The scheme is voluntary currently to be on the ORDIT register. ORDIT instructors can still teach learner pupils the same as a driving instructor.

It is a very good idea to seek your driving instructor training by an ORDIT trainer because they have had to demonstrate a high level of knowledge about the syllabus and the examination process to a supervising examiner at the DVSA. They have in-depth knowledge of what is needed to pass each of the 3 very difficult exams. They also keep detailed training records of what the trainee instructor is learning and what tasks are needed to complete their training.

Yes, indeed they do! The SE (supervising examiner) will definitely ask to see your training records/log. The SE will ask you if you have had your training done through an ORDIT trainer. If you turn up for your part 3 test without showing training records the SE will make a note of this. If you fail the part 2 or part 3 test the SE will advise you to seek help from a ORDIT trainer to prepare you for next part 2 or part 3 test.

Yes, they probably will charge a bit more than a regular learner driving lesson. This is because they are specialists in the industry and you are paying for expert knowledge to pass 3 very difficult exams. They also have to spend time writing the training records for each trainee instructor. This is usually after the one-to-one lesson with the trainee instructor.