Fleet and Specialist Training

Specialist training and fleet courses

Fleet and Specialist Training Overview

We offer a wide variety of specialist training and fleet driver courses, from company car and van assessments through to post collision and speed awareness courses.

Please get in touch for further details about how we can tailor our specialist and fleet training to your needs.

Post Collision Driving Course

Being involved in a road traffic collision (RTC) can have devastating results. We are here for clients who experience significant anxiety as a result of a collision. This anxiety and fear may be present right after the collision or sometimes many years after.

We offer bespoke post collision driving courses for drivers that have been involved in either an at-fault or non-fault road traffic collision. We help both business and private clients.

Business Clients

Our post collision driving courses are ideal for companies that:

  1. Have a policy in place to offer training for all employees after a collision
  2. Want to ensure the well-being and safety of an employee when they return to driving
  3. Want to take a proactive approach to a driver who has had a collision, and to ensure their driving is assessed for any “at-risk” factors, which could be putting them at a greater risk of a collision in the future.


Private Customers

Our post collision driving courses, from a driver’s perspective, are ideal if:

  1. They have lost confidence as a result of their collision
  2. They feel discussing their collision with a professional and receiving bespoke one-to-one training will help them
  3. They have developed a negative attitude as a result, showing a resistance to learn from collision
  4. They have developed a phobia or fear of driving, such as scared of motorways, rural roads – or any driving situation, where their collision took place.

Course Content

All our post collision driving courses are designed around the driver. Some may just need an assessment after a minor collision, others may have serious anxiety, or PTSD/CPTSD (complex post-traumatic stress disorder) related symptoms after a serious RTC. Whatever the driver, whatever the situation, we will have a trainer that is a skilled and empathetic DVSA (Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency) ORDIT registered fleet/advanced driving instructors who will be able to help and understand. Below are some of the topics we are able to cover:

  • Discussion about the drivers RTC if appropriate. Visit the site of the RTA if appropriate.
  • Working with the driver to help create a plan of action of the course, based on their unique needs.
  • Discuss and address the specific things that the client finds the most triggering for the CPTSD.
  • How to quickly develop their driving confidence for all types of roads
  • Speed awareness
  • Developing a positive attitude towards safer driving
  • How to become a safer driver on all roads
  • Car control (gears, steering, foot controls, signals)
  • Reversing and manoeuvres. Parking in a supermarket or high car park.
  • Driving in built up traffic or even busy motorways.
  • Eco-safe driving (effective use of speed, gears, planning) we are an energy saving trust registered company.


Some of the elements will be covered but not all of them. This depends on the individual we are training. We can discuss in detail what the client wants/needs and design a bespoke course to help that client.

Company car / van assessment

We offer a bespoke advanced/defensive van driver training course (which includes motorhomes and other large vehicles).

These courses are ideal for the following clients:

  1. Drivers that have recently started a job driving a van, and have little or no experience in driving such a vehicle.
  2. Drivers that drive a van as part of their job, but have been having a few too many incidents.
  3. Companies that wish to train a number of their van drivers, to help lower fleet insurance, demonstrate their Duty of Care, and reduce incident rates.


We can provide van driver training in both small and large vans up to 3.5 tonnes (that can be used on a normal, “B” car driving licence) we can also provide training for larger Category C and C1 commercial vehicles.

Speed Awareness and Court Preparation Reports

We offer advanced and defensive driving courses for private individuals across the Midlands. We are often approached by individuals that have been advised by their solicitor or Barrister, or sometimes their insurance company, to take an advanced or defensive driving course. This can be for a range of reasons, which can include:

  • Drink Driving
  • Careless Driving
  • Distracted Driving
  • Driving without due care and attention
  • Dangerous Driving


By taking an advanced/defensive driving course can help demonstrate that you are keen to improve your level of driving. While we will never claim an advanced/defensive driving course can influence the result of a conviction, taking a course with the genuine motive of wanting to become a safer driver, and recognising the shortcomings in your driving past, can be seen in a positive light.

We have expert trainers who are here to help you. We can quickly arrange a course often before your hearing date, and then provide you with a full report in pdf format, which indicates you have had expert tuition with a DVSA Fleet registered trainer (Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency).

We have access to several specialist solicitors and barristers we can recommend to represent you in court if you do not already have legal representation.

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Questions & Answers

We all like to think we are good drivers, but no one is perfect. You may have only 6 employees or you may have 600! As a company with drivers using vehicles for business use you have a duty of care to ensure the drivers are safe and that the vehicles, they are driving are road worthy and safe. A fleet trainer is not there to pick faults in a company vehicle driver, they are there to risk access the driver. Most company car drivers will be on their best behaviour on a training session with a trainer. That’s why we advise the session to be either a half day or full day. The fleet trainer can identify any risks the driver has in their driving, for example driving too close to the vehicle in front “tailgating”. The fleet trainer can advise on a variety of things to help reduce company car costs like eco driving to name but a few. Running costs of company vehicles can be reduced considerably with regular driving assessments.

Yes, we definitely can! Over 50% of van collisions happen whilst reversing. We have a variety of courses covering post collision incidents. We can access your drivers to find out what is going on and carry out a full driving risk assessment with post training reports and recommendations for each driver.

No, it is not expensive to get your company car or van drivers assessed for their driving. In fact, it has been proven to bring down a company’s vehicle business insurance costs if anything. If you have several employees who are regularly involved in collisions then they will be causing your insurance premiums to increase year on year. If the driver training is carried 2:1 ratio then this will usually make costs for training even less.

Absolutely we can! This is one of our specialities. We have decades of experience helping drivers to become more confident to drive. For example, motorway driving confidence. Some drivers get quite anxious driving on a motorway if they have done so a long time. We can help with you driving again after being involved in an RTA (road traffic accident). We have empathetic and patient instructors who will put together a bespoke course for you to help you with your particular anxieties around driving. These types of course are built around the client’s particular needs. We will listen carefully to what they are and help you accordingly.

Absolutely we can indeed! We are specialists. We work with a couple of very well-established law firms that specialise in this area of the law. Lawyers and barristers that represent clients in court who are looking at points or a driving ban. We will do a driving assessment and prepare a detailed post driving report you can give to your lawyer / barrister who will in turn prepare your case for you. We have worked closely with them before and I think we make a good team.