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Advanced Driving in the Midlands

Advanced Driving in the Midlands – One-Day Part Theory – Part Practical Defensive Driving Course – Cars

This is the most popular one-day driver training format which most of our clients choose and works well for individual drivers up to groups of around 12 drivers per day.   Most courses start at 9:00 am and finish at approximately 4:00 p.m. but start and finish times are flexible to suit your operational requirements.

Theory session

The theory session consists of an introduction to the principles of defensive driving.  Journey planning, personal fitness to drive and fatigue and vehicle checks are discussed.  Delegates are encouraged to debate the problems that they face on the road. We then examine the most common accident situations, what causes them and look at how they can be avoided. In particular we will go through some of the drivers’ recent incidents to see if there are lessons to be learnt. The delegates are then introduced to the “system of car control” from the Police Driving manual “Road craft” which is the bible of the advanced motorist.  The difference between speed and making progress is demonstrated both in the classroom and on the road. 

Other courses

Other courses available on request are:

Post collision training to help with PTSD.

Uk familiarization.

Refresher training.

Confidence building.

Grey Fleet training.

Group workshops and classroom on road safety up to 50 delegates.

Speed awareness courses.

Court preparation and report writing before potential penalty points on your license.

Road craft training.

Cardington special test preparation.

For more information on prices and costs for all of my courses then please get in touch.

In Vehicle Driver Training

The In Vehicle Driver Training starts with a vehicle and eyesight check followed by an assessment drive from the delegates so that we can establish an idea of the driver’s ability. Our Instructor will then give a demonstration drive with a commentary to show just how far ahead it is possible to plan. The principles of a “Systematic” approach based on the police driving manual “Road craft” are demonstrated in this drive. The delegates are then invited to take a second turn behind the wheel and receive helpful tuition and advice.

In Vehicle Training Ratios In the one-day format the ideal ratio is two delegates to one instructor. Some companies do train on a 3:1 ratio, which is a lower cost per head, but it does reduce the time that each driver has under tuition.

Driver Reports

After the course each driver will receive a Certificate of Attendance and a full written report, which will highlight any areas that can be improved. If we identify any drivers who we feel would benefit from further training and help, their report is fast tracked and we will discuss any further training needs with you.  Normally a further 1:1 in vehicle session is sufficient to get the driver to a safe standard.  

You will also receive feedback on other items such as vehicle condition, eyesight checks and any other driver or vehicle safety related suggestions that may help.

About Rachel

Rachel Kavanagh established Xcel Driver Training in 2001.

She is a grade A Driving Instructor and is on the ORDIT (Official Register of Instructor Trainers). Since qualifying as an approved driving instructor in 1993, Rachel has gained many qualifications with in the driver trainer industry. She has worked for many of the large national driving schools and continues to be a well-respected trainer within the industry.

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