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Part One Training

Part ONE TrAining


Candidates who are wishing to take the part one theory test. Passing this test will allow the potential driving instructor (pdi) to apply for their part two driving test.


Part one is studied at home. Approximately 2 -3 meetings will occur between the trainer and the trainee. During your part one training, telephone support is available during normal office hours.


The part one can be done in two to four weeks. This depends on how much study time can be committed and on the results of mock tests.

Driver/ Trainer Ratio

One to one.


The aim of part one is give a potential driving instructor all the knowledge that is needed to be a qualified driving instructor.


At the end of studying part one and completing several mock tests, the candidate should be ready to pass part one successfully.


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The part one exam is one of the most important elements of the ADI exam process. What is learned here will have great relevance to part two and part three. Therefore it is important you get all the help that is needed to not only pass part one, but also to actually understand why you are learning all this new information. At Xcel we believe in linking all the three exams together as a package of learning, not just "passing part one". Part one examines your knowledge of the Rules of the Road as well as general road safety and driving instruction matters. The structure of the test is similar in format to the existing theory test for learner drivers and lasts for 90 minutes. You are asked 100 questions with optional voice over. For each question four answers are shown on the screen and you are required to select the answer you think is correct. To pass you are required to answer 85 questions correctly overall. You must score no less than 80% in each band. The overall pass mark is 85%. This is followed by a hazard perception test. This consists of 14 video clips on a computer. There is a maximum score of 5 points with one clip containing two scores per hazard. The pass mark is 57 out of possible 75 marks. Both parts have to be passed before you can proceed to take the part two test of driving ability. You will get your result at the end of the test. The applicant must pass part 1 - Theory Test before they can continue to part two.

Theoretical Test - Subject Matters:

  • Road Safety precepts and practice
  • Rules of the Road
  • Driving techniques and handling the vehicle and controls., Use of correct road procedure
  • Vulnerable road users
  • Teaching techniques and assessment of pupils
  • Dealing with pupils who have learning or language difficulties
  • Dealing with pupils who have physical disabilities and familiarisation with common vehicle adaptations
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Correction of pupils driving faults
  • Knowledge of basic mechanics of vehicle and maintenance
  • Driving for life, beyond the practical driving test
  • Scene of accidents
  • Driver Testing Procedures and Documentation including the Driving Test Report form
  • Other matters as considered appropriate from time to time by the DSA

The main area where people fail part one is due to lack of proper preparation. If you can be disciplined and set aside around an hour a day, you should be successful and the cost will be minimal.

About Rachel

Rachel Kavanagh established Xcel Driver Training in 2001.

She is a grade A Driving Instructor and is on the ORDIT (Official Register of Instructor Trainers). Since qualifying as an approved driving instructor in 1993, Rachel has gained many qualifications with in the driver trainer industry. She has worked for many of the large national driving schools and continues to be a well-respected trainer within the industry.