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ADI Rescue Training

Who is ADI RESCUE TRAINING suitable for?

Approved Driving INSTRUCTORS

Any Potential Driving Instructor (PDI) that is preparing for part two or part three exams. Any PDI that is taking their final part two or part three test and is not receiving any further training from their instructor training provider.


Usually at a mutually agreed location within easy commute for the trainer and the PDI. Hotel accommodation can be arranged if the PDI is travelling from a distance.


Half a day or a full day.

driver / trainer ratio

One to one


The aim is to equip the PDI with all the correct knowledge and tools to successfully pass the part two or part three tests as outlined by the DSA.


By the end of the session the trainer will identify the PDI's strengths or any weaknesses in their instruction. The trainer will develop their instructional techniques and core competencies. Xcel want the learning experience to be a positive experience that is PDI centred and not instructor trainer centred.


Many people invest lots of money, emotions and time following their dream of becoming a driving instructor, only to fall at the final hurdle or second hurdle if they are struggling on part two. For some it's because they were poorly advised about their driving instruction career choice, for others it's because of poor driving instructor training. If you feel as if you are struggling, then you are certainly not alone. Over the last two decades, I have helped, dozens of pdi's (Potential driving instructors) who have either been let down by their driving instructor training provider, or felt that the training they received was not geared to their specific needs. I have “rescued” dozens of pdi's that were at their wit's end, or very near to throwing the towel in with regard to ever passing part three and part two. Part three and part two are actually quite easy tests to pass, if you receive the right training from the right trainer! I know I can put a rescue package together to help you pass part two or part three to become a qualified ADI. Most of my rescue work is generated by recommendations from ADI’s (Approved driving instructors). Many candidates are left to "try and train them selves" or "pair up with another pdi and help each other". This sometimes happens after failing one or two part three/two tests. This is not the best way to gain the skills to become a qualified ADI. Why get as far as your final attempts without specialist help? Does this sound like you? If so, I know I can help. I have a proven track record in this field of expertise and would be happy to discuss your training needs. All the rescue training is done 1:1 so attention is focused entirely on you. The training is bespoke to the pdi and in my experience, most pdi's only need one training session to help "switch the light on" so to speak. There are exceptions to this, however, and I will advise the pdi if I think that they would benefit from additional training.

About Rachel

Rachel Kavanagh established Xcel Driver Training in 2001.

She is a grade A Driving Instructor and is on the ORDIT (Official Register of Instructor Trainers). Since qualifying as an approved driving instructor in 1993, Rachel has gained many qualifications with in the driver trainer industry. She has worked for many of the large national driving schools and continues to be a well-respected trainer within the industry.